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It’s a DNA Thing: What Happened to the Other Seed?

Published on Jun 1, 2016

FAIR USE sec. 107

DNA is a “hot topic” with some of our guru channels of late.The first half of #ItsaDNAThing re-uploaded. An 8 minute intro on the two seeds of GENE-sis 3:15 and the Killam Clock. A question for+Enterthe5t4rz and everyone talking of the “one-seed” concept. Thank you for watching and Enjoy!



Enterthe5t4rz: Clarification of Serpent Seed Doctrine

Journey, Trial by Fire: Easy to Fall

other seed cover


Whitney Queen Bobbi and GENE: Killam Clock and Nephilim

Published on Jul 27, 2015

Whitney Queen and GENE revisited with the news of the death of Bobby Christina Brown. The Killam Clock tells the story and Nephilim references in Whitney’s days on Earth.

9Nania video containing the clip I used

My complete original Whitney Queen and GENE


whitney gene cover


Whitney Queen & GENE: The Pope and the 923 Code

Published on Jun 13, 2015

The possible meaning of 9-23 and it’s connections to GENE RISEon, Whitney Houston and Bobby Christina Brown as well as the upcoming Papal visit this September 23 to the US. Killam Clock “TIME” check.

9Nania GENE-sis 2


pope 923 cover


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