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Cashmere Gate (Parts 1,2, and 3)

Cashmere Gate Ep 1- Intro: 2012 was Quite a Year!
Published on Apr 22, 2017

The first episode in a mini-series. Enjoy folks!

Cashmere Gate Ep 2: The Happy Green Days of the Jolly Giants – DNA Mashup

Published on Apr 26, 2017

Don’t miss this one folks. You guys know I don’t usually speak like that. Don’t miss it, much love.

Cashmere Gate 3: Harrison FORd,74 and Contrary Mary go to NY

Published on Apr 27, 2017

Thank you to Matthew Nicholson channel for the math that works 354 + (3 x 5 x 4) = 414 and 414 + 414 = 828
Oh boy! To much to list here. “Moore” DNA and keep in mind:
1) FORd, 74 crashed his airplane the same day the London Bride inscription was found
2) The Charleston slave revolt of 1822 had 131 trials
3) 360 +131 = 491 or 194 backwards
4) Looks like the 474 arrests (on 1-31, lol) were pre-planned as I demonstrate by the street names around the 9-11 Memorial in NY
5) I guess channels promoting hate for the 474 not yet convicted people and claiming the Holy Spirit helped them will have to pull their vids down.
6) Jesus of the Bible was “swept up” by police, tried and executed for something he did not do. You gotta love “Christian” irony 🙂
7) Enjoy folks and wear headphones



It’s a DNA Thing: What Happened to the Other Seed?

Published on Jun 1, 2016

FAIR USE sec. 107

DNA is a “hot topic” with some of our guru channels of late.The first half of #ItsaDNAThing re-uploaded. An 8 minute intro on the two seeds of GENE-sis 3:15 and the Killam Clock. A question for+Enterthe5t4rz and everyone talking of the “one-seed” concept. Thank you for watching and Enjoy!



Enterthe5t4rz: Clarification of Serpent Seed Doctrine

Journey, Trial by Fire: Easy to Fall

other seed cover

Objects In The Mirror are Closer Then They Appear: Happy Anniversary TA 235 Parts 1 & 2

Published on Feb 19, 2016

1141 galore! I remade part one and included part two here as well. Trans Asia 235’s (serial # is 1141) one year anniversary connected to other events such as the Taiwan earthquake on Feb. 6 and a Sandy Hook bombshell is involved in part two. Don’t miss this one! Enjoy folks!




It’s a DNA Thing: Adam & Eve, S.H., 9-11 + Enterthe5t4rz Home Gets “Killam Clocked”

Published on Feb 1, 2016

A look at the biblical account of Adam and Eve and how it ties in with mainstream events. It’s not your typical bible video and viewer discretion is advised. Includes Hoover Dam and also DNA refs in Enterthe5t4rz “Perfect Pomegranate” video and his “childhood home” gets “Killam Clocked”.  It’s a long video but I do not disappoint. Make some popcorn and enjoy!

Enterthe5t4rz “PERFECT Pomegranate”

The Life of Casey James Brown: Putting All Rumors to Rest


dna cover



My Story:Prelude to Awakening

Published on Dec 12, 2014

Just a little video telling the story of my background prior to realizing we live in “The Truman Show” matrix. It’s a re-upload from my other channel but I thought I would share here in case anyone was curious to know. Enjoy!





We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook – Opening Segment

Published on Dec 7, 2014

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook – Opening segment
Here is a link for the full version 02:46:00 run time


sh cover2

MRSTOSH314 1st Segment: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

Published on Dec 7, 2014

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook MRSTOSH314 first segment


sh1 cover


We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook – Full Video in Higher Quality

Published on Nov 30, 2014

Link to: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.



sandy hook cover

KateSlate11 Censurship Sandy Hook Hoax Privacy Complaint

Published on Sep 17, 2014

Totally public info elsewhere, Sandy Hoax and otherwise. Make a YouTube video exposing truth and get censored. Nothing to see here folks!


kateslate11 houseoflogic1969

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