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Jesuit Secrets & Tactics Revealed! Mirrored Mirrored on Our “Wall”

Published on Jul 17, 2016

Mirrored from 9Nania channel on YouTube:
“Ex Jesuit’s Book Reveals True Agenda”

This is not my video so if your comment is directed at the content creator please click the link.

Have you observed these types of tactics and strategies?

Ex Jesuit’s Book Reveals True Agenda


jesuits 9 nania


Who’s Not in Kansas Anymore? Prince and the “Revelation” of National Mall and Hoover Dam

prince national mall

Published on Jul 14, 2016

What does the Kansas shootings, the National Mall #Together2016, TransAsia 235, Pulse Nightclub, Prince, the London Bridge / Hoover Dam, Roseburg,OR shooting and the Killam Clock have in common? Enjoy Folks, wear headphones.

Some supporting factoids:

1) The Newton and Hesston, KS shootings are 6.17 miles apart

2) The Charleston Church Massacre and the Charleston Slave Revolt of 1822 both occurred on 6-17

3) The dedication of the Hoover Dam to the inscription found on the London “Bride” is 29011 days

4) The French train hero, Spencer Stone, was first in the news 2977 miles from the Killam Clock. We had 2977 victims in 9-11 and it was 2977 days from Hitler’s book Mein Kampf being published in English. The date was 10-13. Same date as the London Bridge inscription and the time Bush makes in I Pet Goat 2 when turned upside down.
5) The French train hero first in the news to next time in the news in Sacramento, CA was 11092 km (29011)


My Kansas shootings video –

What You Need to Know About the Charleston & Hesston Kansas Shootings

charleston cover

Diner in Paris reference album 3-29, 9-11 2nd

Breakfast in America, Pope Francis and September 23rd Decoded

bia decoded cover

9Nania – July 2016 Tenth Month: Escape of Bride?!


prince national mall

Breakfast in America, Pope Francis and September 23rd Decoded

Published on Jul 18, 2015

September 23rd is gearing up to be very interesting to say the least. Here I cover several different possible meanings. A possible second 9-11, a special “birthing” and as always the “Killam Clock”. Much more to be covered on this topic. Enjoy folks!


bia decoded cover

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