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Are Biblical Giants the Reason for the Season on Mass Shootings- IPG2 Shark Revealed

Published on Jul 18, 2016

#ItsaDNAThing Could the prophecy of biblical GIANTS be the reason for so many mass shootings? An effort to disarm us before that scenario, perhaps. A close look at the I Pet Goat 2 hangman, phallus and SHARK. Plus a clip from my video, “It’s a DNA Thing”. Enjoy folks
Be sure to watch “Matthew Nicholson latest upload on DNA



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Brussels Meets the Killam Clock: London Bridge, Hoover Dam, TA 235

Published on Mar 27, 2016

See how the March 22nd Brussels “bombings” size up with the Killam Clock as well as the March 18th arrest of the Paris attacks “mastermind”, Salah Abdeslam. Connections to London Bridge of Lake Havasu, the Hoover Dam and TransAsia 235. Enjoy folks!



Burning Down the House Ep 1- “The List of the Mist”

Published on Mar 15, 2016

Welcome to the introduction of my new series, Burning Down the House”. Just a metaphorical play on words. Here we will examine, cover and expose in a polite yet sincere manner “trends in trutherville”. As my followers know, I am hard at work to get just one large channel to so much as acknowledge the bible mocking of TransAsia 235. So far none have ever covered it. Many news events since that day are connected to that event as well. Future topics will include evidence of “networking” and subsequent gate keeping within our community. Also the Killam Clock is a GENE-sis two-seed DNA thing and ties in with many recent and current events. It has come to my attention many are pushing a “one-seed concept. “We are all of Satan’s seed” type of thing which is fine with me. My concern is when I ask basic questions I get no direct response. Being a statistics and probabilities as well as a lover of truth kinda guy, this peaks my interest as to what may be behind this phenomena. In this episode we lay the ground work as well as attempt to re-inspire folks to love what they do in trutherville as well as value it’s importance. Of course your’s truly does not know everything and is not perfect (last time I checked 🙂 which is why the comment section is open. In this way we work together at finding and sharing truths. She’s kinda loud, wear headphones and as always, enjoy!


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It’s a DNA Thing: Adam & Eve, S.H., 9-11 + Enterthe5t4rz Home Gets “Killam Clocked”

Published on Feb 1, 2016

A look at the biblical account of Adam and Eve and how it ties in with mainstream events. It’s not your typical bible video and viewer discretion is advised. Includes Hoover Dam and also DNA refs in Enterthe5t4rz “Perfect Pomegranate” video and his “childhood home” gets “Killam Clocked”.  It’s a long video but I do not disappoint. Make some popcorn and enjoy!

Enterthe5t4rz “PERFECT Pomegranate”

The Life of Casey James Brown: Putting All Rumors to Rest


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The Killam Clock Story: Moncton, I Pet Goat 2, Castrol Oil, United 232

Published on May 17, 2015

A review of how the “Killam Clock” was born and lots of new updates as well. Major I Pet Goat 2 discovery with Castrol Oil and a big Texas “heads up”. Also United 232 (remember that # because Amtrak 188 is next). Enjoy!

UpNorthofthe49th Moncton Agenda…

Enterthe5t4rz 216,000 Proof We Are All Connected

My video on the “Killam Clock”(Castrol Oil,Nepal earthquake and Baltiore riots 2015)


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It’s a Kind of Magic

Published on Jan 19, 2015

False flags/hoaxes/big religions/I Pet Goat 2/GENE-sis 3:15. Lines drawn “to boot”.
My first Killam video

I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found in Reading, MA: Phallus, Hangman, Shark, “V”

My second Killam video

I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found Near a School!: The Sequel


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I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found Near a School!: The Sequel

Published on Oct 7, 2014

This film is rated “W” for wear a seatbelt. Viewer discretion advised. IPG2 blackboard items found near Killam Elementary school in Reading, MA. Revised part 1 with much more new info and part 3 coming soon…


ipetgoat2 houseoflogic1969 2

I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found in Reading, MA: Phallus, Hangman, Shark, “V”

Published on Aug 24, 2014

Be sure to watch next video showing hangman aligning to MH-17 “crash” location.


I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found in Reading, MA: Phallus, Hangman, Shark, “V”

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