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The Truth About Penguins

Published on Sep 5, 2016




Bad Truck Wreck Last Night in Colorado on US HWY 160

Published on Jun 4, 2016

This is what I rolled up on last night on US HWY 160 in Colorado between Pagosa Springs and South Fork. That is a long and scary stretch of down, especially when rolling heavy. No news on the details yet but prayers to all involved. All I could see was a tractor. No trailer to be found and no other vehicles. This brought back some memories. Please drive carefully.


wreck 160 cover

It’s a DNA Thing: Adam & Eve, S.H., 9-11 + Enterthe5t4rz Home Gets “Killam Clocked”

Published on Feb 1, 2016

A look at the biblical account of Adam and Eve and how it ties in with mainstream events. It’s not your typical bible video and viewer discretion is advised. Includes Hoover Dam and also DNA refs in Enterthe5t4rz “Perfect Pomegranate” video and his “childhood home” gets “Killam Clocked”.  It’s a long video but I do not disappoint. Make some popcorn and enjoy!

Enterthe5t4rz “PERFECT Pomegranate”

The Life of Casey James Brown: Putting All Rumors to Rest


dna cover



Storytime: A Profound Personal Experience at Age 13 – Comfortably Numb

Published on Dec 30, 2015

It happened one morning when I was delivering newspapers…


story cover


The Killam Clock Story: Moncton, I Pet Goat 2, Castrol Oil, United 232

Published on May 17, 2015

A review of how the “Killam Clock” was born and lots of new updates as well. Major I Pet Goat 2 discovery with Castrol Oil and a big Texas “heads up”. Also United 232 (remember that # because Amtrak 188 is next). Enjoy!

UpNorthofthe49th Moncton Agenda…

Enterthe5t4rz 216,000 Proof We Are All Connected

My video on the “Killam Clock”(Castrol Oil,Nepal earthquake and Baltiore riots 2015)


killam clock cover

Synchronicity at it’s Finest!

Published on Feb 11, 2015

I was “hamming it up” a bit here but yep, all 100% true. Watch stops at 3:33:22, wow!


watch cover

Super Bowl XLIX: The Real Game – Killam, I Pet Goat 2

Published on Jan 31, 2015

Super Bowl “weirdness”leads me back to Killam for more discoveries and a trip around the word, Blue Angels style. Mecca, Vatican, Dome of the Rock.


superbowl xlix cover

It’s a Kind of Magic

Published on Jan 19, 2015

False flags/hoaxes/big religions/I Pet Goat 2/GENE-sis 3:15. Lines drawn “to boot”.
My first Killam video

I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found in Reading, MA: Phallus, Hangman, Shark, “V”

My second Killam video

I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found Near a School!: The Sequel


magic cover


If You See Something Say Something: How to Make a Video

Published on Dec 25, 2014

A basic video editing tutorial using Pinnacle Studio with some harder stuff at the end.


video cover


Dont Leave Home Naked

Published on Dec 12, 2014

Another re-upload from my other channel. A fun, fast-paced and obnoxiously “in your face” style vid designed to defibrillate your “Zombie heart”, lol. Not for the easily offended, enjoy!


armor cover

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