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New Year’s Dubai Hotel Fire Timed to Perfecto! Killam/TA 235

Published on Oct 8, 2016

“Funny”, none of the big “Christian truther” channels will talk about the bible-mocking of TransASsia 235. Even “funnier”, SOO many events after that keep referencing this flight. Even Uncle Kenny who sold his cafe on 7-7 is 77 deg to TA 235 on the Killam clock. I can only conclude it is done deliberately, perhaps via instruction from the same source. Enterethe5t4rz said he would talk (about my concerns)… we have a podcast on my channel pending.




Mainstream Media BUSTED! Dubai and TransAsia 235 Get Killam Clocked

Published on Jan 5, 2016

“Real time” predictive programming from two major news outlets regarding the Dubai hotel fire at The Address Hotel which gets “Killam Clocked” with TransAsia 235. Enjoy!



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