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The Killam Clock Story: Moncton, I Pet Goat 2, Castrol Oil, United 232

Published on May 17, 2015

A review of how the “Killam Clock” was born and lots of new updates as well. Major I Pet Goat 2 discovery with Castrol Oil and a big Texas “heads up”. Also United 232 (remember that # because Amtrak 188 is next). Enjoy!

UpNorthofthe49th Moncton Agenda…

Enterthe5t4rz 216,000 Proof We Are All Connected

My video on the “Killam Clock”(Castrol Oil,Nepal earthquake and Baltiore riots 2015)


killam clock cover


A Killam Clock Short: Castrol Oil & I Pet Goat 2-Nepal, Baltimore

Published on May 11, 2015

I Pet Goat 2 strikes “oil” again! A fast-paced Killam Clock short connecting Charles Wakefield, Nepal earthquake and Baltimore riots (Frank & Nic’s Bar & Grill).


castrol cover


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