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Logic Goes Bible! TransAsia 235 Mockery and Enterthe5t4rz

Published on Nov 8, 2015

I have heard that “God will not be mocked”. The question is, how about you? In this video I talk you through a more in-depth look at who was getting mocked regarding TransAsia 235 with references to Matthew 24. I also tie this in with some of Enterthe5t4rz recent activities / statements and ask him an important question. Please share and enjoy but most importantly, please ponder and learn. Peace everyone.


logic biblecover


Two Carpenters, a Bible and the Nephilim: A Song Analysis

Published on May 10, 2015

I could not help from noticing how the lyrics to “Close to You” tell a “Nephilimic” bible story. Opens with a September Clues clip (which is a must see 9-11 documentary if you missed it) and then a photo montage to this song. Enjoy!
September Clues

Carpenters-Close to You


carpenter cover


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