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Burning Down the House Ep 2: A Response to Jeff C @FreeRadioRevolu

Published on Apr 16, 2016

This is a response video to Jeff C’s +New World Agenda answer to my comments on his Q & A podcast the other day regarding Trans Asia 235 and the Tainan, Taiwan Feb. 6th earthquake. As always, Burning Down the House is primarily intended to inspire fellow truthers to value the importance of sharing accurate truth rather then “selling” prematurely determined conclusions. Along this thought I also bring +Max Malone along for some of the journey. I cover Jeff’s comments early in the video with a bit of review on +TransAsiaGE235, Tainan,Taiwan earthquake, Paris attacks, San Bernardino, Kansas shootings, +Brussels bombings and the +Dubai hotel fire. Then we move over to Nepal earthquake. All Killam clock style of course. Enjoy folks!

Q & A New World Agenda podcast (min 35 to 42 he answers my comments)


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Killam Clock Goes off the Rails on the “Crazy Train”: Multiple Bombshells

Published on Jun 8, 2015

Predictive programming again on CNN with the Bonin (Japan) earthquake, matched to Nepal earthquake. TransAsia 235 and Germanwings 9525 connections. CERN. San Onofre, Golden Gate Bridge, 88 and Back to the Future and more. Enjoy!

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Matthew Nicholson Amtrak 188 second video


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Killam Clock Short Ep. 2: Amtrak 188, Nepal, TransAsia 235, Tiajin 117 and More

Published on May 17, 2015

I put this together real quick to show how well this “clock” tells the “TIME”. This does not come close to all what I have found so far. Enjoy.
Music by Queen: A Kind of Magic


188 cover


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