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London’s “Bridge” Has Fallen! R.I.P. Uncle Kenny-TX Balloon Crash/Hoover Dam

Published on Aug 29, 2016

My little brain is about fried you guys. This video is about the murder Lake Havasu’s best friend,, “Uncle Kenny” and another homicide on Cashmere Dr the day before. It’s a decode vid and yes we are going places. Lockhart, TX balloon crash, Hoover Dam, the song Kashmir, the DNC/RNC, Public Law 414, and Jack the Ripper. It’s a long-winder but I stay with you to talk you through it. Uncle Kenny was the nicest guy and all I can say is whoever or whatever plans these things seems to have powers beyond the human realm. Enjoy folks! Please note content used under the fair use act and all information presented is easily obtainable public information. Thank you and my condolences to all unjustly effected by this tragedy.



London Bridge Hoover Dam Ep 3: 239/115 Christine Lagarde

Published on Oct 12, 2015

Episode 3A. Vid not complete so I drop you off faster then Lady Gaga at a Celine Dion concert (bring taxi $ 🙂 Tomorrow is 10-13, same date on the London Bridge inscription and I Pet Goat 2 Bush hands upside down so I wanted to get this out there just in case anything weird happens. Remember, remember the 5th of November and the end of 5t4rz “40 days in the wilderness”… (???)

Not in vid but please note TransAsia 235 had 58 people, descended at 58/fps, crashed 58 degrees from the Taipei 101 which Wiki error cost was $58 billion and there was another 58 I forgot. 58 + 85 = 143 for USA founding docs signers, or 58 + 58 = 116 (flip)
Also note the geographic center of the USA (after adding Arizona and New Mexico in 1912) is at rd 130 (inscription on bridge), state route 191 (USA coins) and US HWY 291 (first meal in USA).

Also not shown, when I flip the Hoover Dam on a USA map it goes to northeast Atlanta. Check Montagraph’s video “The Atlanta Effect”.


london 3 cover


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